Flames of the Eternal News

xippy set us up with a testing forums same log in as here so go there an test/post randomly to see what works and whats needed

By Canada FaLLBacK in testing time on Thursday 25 August @ 21:05
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By USA ThePhoenix in random much on Monday 05 September @ 09:53
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Battlefield 3

By Canada FaLLBacK in Battlefield 3 on Sunday 13 February @ 20:56
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(FoE) Left4Dead2 Server IP:

Our good friends at SouthBunkerX run the 2.6 ET with an exciting New NQ 1.2.9

(SBX) WolfET Server IP:

By Canada FaLLBacK in Servers on Wednesday 05 January @ 20:22
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