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A diabetes menu planner is very important for people with Type 2 diabetes. That is because Mediterranean Food Pyramid the foods they eat to be as healthy as possible. The food you eat has a direct impact on your blood glucose Devonta Freeman Womens Jersey , body fat, and overall health. That is why it is so important for diabetics to create a realistic diabetes diet plan. Insulin-resistant people have special diet needs.

The Need for a Diabetic Diet Plan

As a Type 2 diabetic, you need to be careful about the excess fat on your body. But, more importantly you need to be careful about the amount of sugar (from sugar added in processed foods Calvin Ridley Womens Jersey , and from starches like white rice or white potato or white bread) that you eat with each diabetes type 2 recipes and meals.

For example, simple starches like white rice may spike blood sugar levels very high, very quickly for a diabetic and non-diabetic. The speed of the rise of sugar in the blood is predicted by the glycemic index rating. So, for a diabetic Julio Jones Womens Jersey , eating simple starches like white rice may require careful planning.

People with diabetes must really understand the value of using the glycemic index and glycemic load concepts as important tools for eating healthy. If you must eat white rice or white potato or white white bread, plan to have proteinmeat and vegetables (complex carbs), with a small amount of rice on the plate. Therefore, diabetics should always make good choices of the foods that they eat. Good choices in carbs include what you eat (on the glycemic index list) and how much you eat (as measured by glycemic load).

Diabetes Meal Planning

One of the best ways for diabetics to control the quality of their meals is to plan their diabetes menus. diabetic meals delivered planning means that you create a menu for the day Ito Smith Womens Jersey , week, or even month that you stick to. A good diabetes menu plan will include diabetes snack options that will help to control your appetite as well as different diabetic meal options so that you don't get bored by eating the same foods over and over again.

We at TypeFreeDiabetes prefer the Mediterranean food pyramid because it includes higher glycemic index carbs that most food pyramids. Obviously, the larger amounts of food and activities start at the bottom suggesting daily use, and gets smaller as you move up (weekly) toward the top which suggest monthly use.

Diabetes Menu Planning Goals

The goal of every diabetes menu plan should be to ensure that you have a balanced diet with an appropriate amount of:

鈥?Diabetes carbohydrates (45%-65%) – Use more low Glycemic Index carbs than high
鈥?Proteins (10%-35%) – Keep it lean
鈥?Unsaturated fats (20%-35%) – Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated

Diabetes Menu Planner planning is an also an excellent way to keep track of calories.

The average person should consume about 2 Deadrin Senat Womens Jersey ,000 calories per day to ensure that their body functions properly and they have enough energy to be active. It is also recommended that the average person consumers about:

鈥?100 grams of protein (at 4Calgram)
鈥?275 grams of carbohydrates (at 4 Calgram)
鈥?56 grams of fat (at 9 Calgram) each day (yes – it is actually important to consume fat – that is monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats from plants and fish). Eat as little saturated fats as possible. Saturated fats mostly come from non-fish animals, like birds, cows and pigs.

http:www.typefreediabetes is dedicated to providing you the tools and resources to help you build your diabetes diet plan. A good Diabetes menu plan will not only provide information that is based on careful research 2000-Calorie-Meal-Plan, but we also provide a range of recipes for diabetes (including diabetes snacks Isaiah Oliver Womens Jersey , vegetarian recipes, and even diabetes desserts) that are suitable for any healthy diet.

Check out our Nutrition and diabetes type 2 recipes sections for more information about how you can plan your tasty diabetes menus and live a healthy diabetes life style by eating well! Remember, the food choices you make will have a major impact on your blood sugar. Bad food choices will raise your blood sugar, that will cause you to use more diabetes drugs Authentic Tevin Coleman Jersey , or make you suffer severe diabetes complications. The choices are yours to make. Prevention is much more pleasant that the cure.

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