Application Page
Director of Flames ofthe Eternal

Welcome to Flames of the Eternal. As a new recruit there are a few things you need to know and a few things we would like to know about you.

1. Your (in-game) name.
2. Tell us what game/games your into?
3. Have you ever belonged to a clan before?
4. Yes or No what is it that you seek in a clan?
5. What is it about This Clan that has piqued your interest? (*Tip)-Save the "this clan is really cool and i just wanna join." Not what we are looking for.
6. What is your most common time of day you play?
7.*(Tip) Your admission is a collective of Administrators votes. Get to know the Admins, as many as you can, be respectful and you will find that there are no better gamers world wide than you will find here at (FoE).

About us..
1. We as a Clan and as Individuals DO NOT CHEAT>WILL NOT CHEAT!!! If you are a botter or haxxer, thinkin bout tryin it, MOVE ON ALONG> Dont waste our time.
2. We are a pretty tight group of ppl from all around the world, Highly skilled looking to Dominate in a wide variety of online multiplayer Games.
3. If you make it to admin status, dont ask for an advancement everyother day-it will only slow the process for you.
4. If admin status is attained your expected to Represent our Clan with Integrity and overall good gaming Sportsmanship even if the deck is stacked against you. Mouthy over ego players Need Not Apply.
5. We will train if such is needed, everyone who is a member is asked to help new players, offer advice (*only if asked, otherwords its an unwelcome suggestion) and do your best to keep the game fair and fun.

Im sure little things will be learned and dealt with along the way but in a nutshell this will be the starting ground.

Thanks for your application and your pending membership will be Voted on promptly by the Administrators.


Sunday 19 Sep, 2010 @ 09:45AM